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Let's Do This!

Published on October 1, 2021

Dear Everywhen Camper,

We're so close!!!! Spending time on the property last weekend was fantastic, we know you are going to LOVE this place. That said, it's definitely NOT Black Rock Desert. Boots on the ground have last-minute advice to all, please read carefully.

Getting Here and Arrival While the distance on a dirt road to the event location is pretty short, we suggest you drive very carefully and keep in mind there's a lot of hard washboard terrain and also patches of soft sand. Don't forget your AAA card, they service the area should you need a tow. Take it slow and steady, you'll get there!

Be sure and download the event map, HERE

If you arrive at night, you may want to wait until morning to unpack and set up. There are some spots that have anthills and gopher holes. Soft sand is something to avoid, so take your time and pick a solid stretch of land to call home. On that note, bring a rake and a shovel, a few minutes of clearance effort will help create a smoother campsite terrain. Safety and Getting Help Please be careful in your adventures to avoid tripping hazards, gopher holes, soft ground, and prickly things. Wear shoes/boots with ankle support and consider saving your running and dancing for areas you are familiar with from the daytime. Got a bike? Please consider lighting it and bring spares for flat tires.

Flying bitey bugs: There aren't very many and they don't bite everybody, but some peo