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Let's Do This!
by Zinga

Published on October 1, 2021

Dear Everywhen Camper,

We're so close!!!! Spending time on the property last weekend was fantastic, we know you are going to LOVE this place. That said, it's definitely NOT Black Rock Desert. Boots on the ground have last-minute advice to all, please read carefully.

Getting Here and Arrival While the distance on a dirt road to the event location is pretty short, we suggest you drive very carefully and keep in mind there's a lot of hard washboard terrain and also patches of soft sand. Don't forget your AAA card, they service the area should you need a tow. Take it slow and steady, you'll get there!

Be sure and download the event map, HERE

If you arrive at night, you may want to wait until morning to unpack and set up. There are some spots that have anthills and gopher holes. Soft sand is something to avoid, so take your time and pick a solid stretch of land to call home. On that note, bring a rake and a shovel, a few minutes of clearance effort will help create a smoother campsite terrain. Safety and Getting Help Please be careful in your adventures to avoid tripping hazards, gopher holes, soft ground, and prickly things. Wear shoes/boots with ankle support and consider saving your running and dancing for areas you are familiar with from the daytime. Got a bike? Please consider lighting it and bring spares for flat tires.

Flying bitey bugs: There aren't very many and they don't bite everybody, but some people do get bit resulting in mosquito bite type welts. No biggy. Just itchy

Have an emergency or need help?

  1. Look for a Loco Oco member on patrol. They can be found wearing a hat and brightly colored Hawaiian style shirts. They will not only be able to radio for help but can help with non-emergency things like mediation, advice, and sharing cool stories.

  2. If you don't see a Loco Oco, then you can head over to the safety tents near Backstage. Here you will find First-aid, Loco Oco Root (HQ), harm-reduction information.

  3. Got an FRS Radio? Loco Ocos is listening on FRS channel 7. If your radio has "private" or "sub-channels" use #7 For you geeks, that is 462.7125, PL 85.4 Hz

  4. Suspect that you might have COVID, or someone in your camp might? Please do NOT bring them to First-Aid. We do not have the ability to treat or diagnose COVID. RiteAid in Rosemond is the closest location for COVID testing both before, during, and after the event. You can make an appointment to get tested by calling: (661) 256-1116

  5. Having an emotionally difficult or challenging psychological experience? Again, Loco Ocos are your best bet, or if able to move, come to harm-reduction between First-aid and Loco Oco Root (HQ)

  6. Just need information or looking for ice, pump out, or want to volunteer? Come to the Hospitality Dome

Make Mr. Rogers Proud Please be a good neighbor by being familiar with the Everywhen FAQ. Keep your generators at a distance from your neighbor's ears and noses, please!

What’s LNT? LNT means LEAVE NO TRACE!! If you don't know how (c'mon, YOU KNOW HOW), please review the LNT WIKI. Had so much fun that you don’t want to leave? Join the Trash Pandas at the hospitality dome to join in our Leave-No-Trace crew after the event.

Want to party all night? Head over to the radioactive areas for big sound and parties that will go until the sun comes up. Otherwise, please respect the quiet hours between midnight and 8am in the rest of the city

On-Site Services

If you pre-purchased Ice or RV Pumpouts, you can pick these up at the Hospitality Dome near the entrance and across from the giant towers of fire.

Porta potties are located in banks along most of the roads. There are ADA toilets available at each bank, but we ask that they be reserved for those that need them. If they end up locked later in the week and you need access, come by the Hospitality dome for the code.

Fire Performance areas are located in the Hootenanny, nearby the radioactive zone (big sound camps) and the large water truck. Fire spinning / dancing may ONLY be done in approved areas and with the standard community safety guidelines (if you spin, you know what they are, if not ask).

Comms & Stuff Cell reception will be spotty. Climb the cinder cones! Seems to be better up there. Otherwise, you may have to drive into town to get a solid signal.

Radio Equinox FM 99.5 will be onsite, tune in, come say hello, talk to your fellow campmates or just help out Unkl Victor, at the helm!

Drones Drone or UAV use, launch or landing, is prohibited during the Electric Universe event. Public or attendee use of drones is not allowed because the local airspace is a Military Operation Area with proximity to the approach and departure flight paths of Edwards Air Force Base, a nearby high-security DoD facility. Please do not attempt to operate your drone no matter what weight or model size. Please contact us if next year you are interested in using your drone/UAV to support the Everywhen Project.

Nearby Services Califonia City is close by, and their Chamber of Commerce made a little BUSINESS GUIDE for you, should you need anything!

Prepaid firewood delivery is available from Cal City TV and Appliances at: 909-534-2192

Firewood pickup is available at: Ranch Almond Firewood - 42423 20th St W, Lancaster, CA (661) 943-2191 California City and the city of Mojave both offer numerous ice retailers, and are both a short drive from the event should that be necessary. Additionally, nearby Borax Bill Park offers RV pumping services and potable water refilling. Leaving and returning with an event wristband is allowed. Borax Bill is just over 15 miles away from the event. Borax Bill Park & Station, 16363 20 Mule Team Pkwy, California City, CA 93505. PS: This route is a little longer than Google Maps recommends but it is absolutely the safest route. It is NOT recommended that you drive through the desert shortcut, capish??

Not too late to Volunteer!

Our mission is to support art, artists, individuals, groups, culture and philosophy in a way that builds community and engages individuals and groups to create, share, and build an inviting environment for everyone. You're invited to be part of our lasting community and join our do-ocracy! Do you enjoy meeting new people? Want to help out at the Hospitality Desk? Or, take on an ice shift or two? How about working at the Front Gate and meeting community members as they arrive? Bring a friend to volunteer with you for even more fun! By volunteering some of your time you can give back to the community and help keep everything running smoothly. Take a look at the incredible selection of volunteer opportunities and sign up today! Sign up for one or more volunteer shifts when you come to Everywhen and the Electric Universe by accessing the volunteer opportunities here: VOLUNTEER AT EWP SEE YOU SOON!

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