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Jay Blanda and BYTE
by Terri Harris

Published on July 14, 2021

Gigantic, pink & fuzzy...these sentient microchips are set to invade The Everywhen in October!

We got lucky enough to catch up with BYTE's fast-moving lead artist, Jay Blanda. Excerpt: EWP: What was your inspiration for byte? Jay: We really wanted to put a lot of thought behind the idea and the concept. They are supposed to represent the idea of freed robots from robot slavery.

So the whole concept was, at some point, if we ever do hit sentient AI. we will run into this type of ethical dilemma. While we're still here using them to make our cars or to, you know, mop our floors, does it become slavery if they're truly sentient? There are some wonderful movies about it.

In Bicentennial Man, with Robin Williams, he says to his inventor, "No, I want freedom". And the inventor says, "Well, why do you want your freedom? You have everything here. You have a loving family." He says, "millions of people died for this idea. It seems like it's probably something worth having." We're just trying to dive into this possible ethical dilemma that we might one day come into.

Chip and Tara were the first robots to be freed from robot slavery. And then, in the subsequent years, they've embraced their freedom. Now it's just about love and symbiosis and sharing and just having fun.

Check out the full video, here:

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