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This certainly is a new playa adventure.
by Mathew Gilbuena

Published on March 14, 2021

Here's where we are:

We've been getting messages of love and support, and a few land owners have reached out. We're exploring those ideas and have assembled a Site 2 team to go over those options. THANK YOU.

For the Black Rock Desert playa adventure: we have an appeals team that is putting together the paperwork to start the process. We believe that the permit authority has been contacted by a minor, but extremely vocal group who have voiced their discontent about our existence. We hope that, as part of the appeals process, our supporters will also let them know their thoughts. The court of public opinion is strong and essential for community building.

Our goal is to partner with the government to find a path that allows us to assemble on the playa and grow the community. We may not hit the target population number, and that's fine. It is more important that we plant our seeds and tend to the garden.

Next up: The team is spinning all the wheels. We're trying to stay on the playa, while engaging with every single lead for an alternate site. Perhaps this is our Baker Beach Moment, or perhaps this is the time that the community galvanizes to push forward the essential freedom to allow groups like us and others to use our public lands. Welcome to the next chapter of our Origin Stories. If you've not read them, take a gander on how we got here from there.

First Night at the Soirée

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