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Art & Culture

Events, Performances & Activities

In the Everywhen, every idea matters. Your event, big or small, can spark joy, thought, and connection. We're not just looking for grand performances; we're looking for your unique touch – a game, a talk, a workshop. Anything you're passionate about can become a part of the Everywhen experience.

Call for Creators of Events, Performances, and Activities

Step into the spotlight as a creator at the Everywhen! We invite you to showcase your talent, share your passion, and enliven the community with your unique events, performances, or activities. Whether you are an artist, performer, educator, or enthusiast, your participation adds vibrancy and depth to everyone's experience.

Idea Development

Here are some guidelines to help you along the way:

  1. Concept and Theme: Align your event with the ethos of the Everywhen. Consider how your theme can engage, educate, or entertain, contributing to the rich tapestry of our gathering. Ensure your event fits harmoniously with the thematic location within the event.

  2. Engagement and Interaction: Design your event to be inclusive and engaging. Encourage participation, spark conversations, and create an atmosphere that fosters connection and community. Ensure that your content is respectful, inclusive, and adds positively to the Everywhen experience.

  3. Logistics and Safety: Plan your event with attendees' safety and comfort in mind. Ensure that your space is accessible, your equipment is secure, and all activities are conducted responsibly. Be ready for environmental challenges such as high winds and dust storms. 

  4. Fire Use and Safety: All use of fire must adhere to strict safety criteria as outlined in our Fire Regulations. This includes safe storage of fuel, maintaining a minimum distance from ignition sources, and ensuring fire extinguishers are readily accessible.

  5. Environmental Consciousness: Embrace sustainable practices in your event planning. Minimize waste, use eco-friendly materials, and ensure that your event leaves no trace on the environment.

  6. Quiet Hours: Respect the designated quiet hours in various zones of the event. This consideration ensures a balanced experience for all attendees, allowing moments of rest and reflection amidst the vibrancy of our gathering.

Ethos Alignment

Your event, performance, or activity is a manifestation of the Everywhen Ethos. Here’s how to infuse these core values into your creation:

  • Build Community: Create experiences that bring people together, fostering a sense of belonging and shared joy.

  • Nourish the Spirit: Offer moments that uplift, heal, and enrich the soul, whether through meditative practices, artistic expression, or communal celebration.

  • Tell Tall Tales: Weave stories and fantasies into your event. Let imagination reign supreme in your performances and activities.

  • Leave No Trace: Be a steward of the environment. Plan and execute your event with a commitment to sustainability and respect for nature.

  • Do No Harm: Ensure that your event respects the well-being of all participants. Promote a culture of care, kindness, and respect.

Begin Your Creative Expedition

Are you ready to bring your imaginative event, performance, or activity to life at the Everywhen? Click below to start your journey.

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