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Art & Culture

Art Installations & Art Cars

Whether you're a backyard tinkerer creating your first art project or you're a seasoned art car designer, your work has a home in the Everywhen. Join us in painting a landscape where every piece, big or small, has the power to transform the world into a living, breathing gallery of wonder.

Art for Everyone

We invite creators of all kinds to narrate their visions. Whether your work is stationary and profound or mobile and playful, come bring your tale to life and be a part of what makes Everywhen so special.

Artistic Concept Development

To guide your creative process, consider these aspects:

  1. Concept and Theme: Your art should resonate with the ethos of the Everywhen. Reflect on how your art challenges, complements, or expands the event's theme, contributing to the aesthetic and experiential landscape designed to evoke thought, emotion, and engagement​​.

  2. Interactivity and Engagement: Design your installation or art car to be interactive and immersive. Whether it's through live acts, shows, interactive group engagements, or installations that range from static visual art to experiential pieces, your work should contribute to building community and sparking the imagination​​.

  3. Logistics and Safety: Plan for the logistical aspects of your artwork, including transportation, installation, and stability. All installations require lighting to be visible at night. Prioritize safety for both creators and viewers, especially considering the unique desert environment.

  4. Environmental Consideration: Embrace sustainability in your creation. Use eco-friendly materials and methods, and ensure your artwork does not leave a trace on the environment. This involves the complete removal of all installation materials and waste post-event​​.

  5. Art Car Regulations: For art cars, ensure compliance with all safety and event guidelines. This includes lighting for nighttime visibility, fire safety if applicable, and adherence to designated paths and speed limits.

  6. Fire Use and Safety: All use of fire must adhere to strict safety criteria as outlined in our Fire Regulations. This includes safe storage of fuel, maintaining a minimum distance from ignition sources, and ensuring fire extinguishers are readily accessible.

Ethos Alignment

Infuse the Everywhen Ethos into your art installations and art cars:

  • Build Community: Create pieces that bring people together, sparking discussions and shared experiences.

  • Nourish the Spirit: Offer artworks that speak to the soul, be it through beauty, introspection, or the sheer joy of creation.

  • Tell Tall Tales: Let your art tell a story, be it mythical, fantastical, or deeply personal, enriching the narrative of the Everywhen.

  • Leave No Trace: Be mindful of the environmental impact. From creation to deconstruction, ensure your art respects and preserves the natural world.

  • Do No Harm: Ensure that your artwork is respectful and considerate of all participants, fostering a safe and inclusive environment.

Begin Your Artistic Journey

Are you ready to contribute to the artistic landscape of the Everywhen with your installation or art car? Click below to embark on this artistic adventure.

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