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Art & Culture

About Community Experiences

In the Everywhen, artistry, mythology, and sustainability weave through the landscapes of our minds and hearts, creating a tapestry of vibrant, evolving moments. Here, everyone actively contributes to a community rich in ideas and spirit.


In this fusion of magical tales, laughter, and creative endeavors, we beckon you to enrich the fabric of our world, to create novel experiences and to spark the imagination.

A Convergence of Creative Spirits

The Everywhen is where your unique contributions meet the shared aspirations of a community. It's a canvas where your interactive camp, event, performance, or installation adds to the richness of our collective narrative. In this realm of art and culture, every contribution weaves into the larger story of interconnectedness and mutual inspiration.

A Kaleidoscope of Experiences

Each of these elements is an invitation to you, the dreamers, the creators, the visionaries. They are opportunities to build, share, and celebrate in a way that aligns with our ethos: Building Community, Nourishing the Spirit, Telling Tall Tales, Leaving No Trace and Doing No Harm.

Interactive Camps

​Immerse yourself and others in thematic realms of your making. Whether it's a space for relaxation, a hub of activity, or an oasis of innovation, your camp is a microcosm of shared dreams and collaborative spirit.

Events, Performances, and Activities

Bring your vision to life in the form of engaging events, mesmerizing performances, and captivating activities. These are the pulses of the Everywhen, where stories unfold, and experiences come alive, evoking emotions and sparking connections.

Art Installations

Sculpt the landscape of the Everywhen with your artistic expressions. These installations are not just displays; they are conversations, statements, and explorations that resonate with the heartbeats of our attendees.

Join the Odyssey of Creation

Ready to manifest your vision at the Everywhen? Dive into the depths of your imagination and emerge with ideas that will shape the experience for all. Click the link below to register your intent.

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