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Art & Culture

Interactive Camps

The Everywhen thrives on the diverse and dynamic interactive camps created by you. They are vibrant communities where ideas flourish, relationships deepen, and collaborative spirits soar. Your camp is an opportunity to create a unique environment that mirrors your creativity and fosters inclusive, engaging interactions.

Call for Camp Creators

Join us as a Camp Creator at the Everywhen! This is your invitation to bring your innovative visions to life, crafting spaces that embody our ethos and elevate the experience for all. Whether you're a seasoned camp lead or a first-time creator, we welcome your enthusiasm and imagination. Bring your concepts to reality and play a pivotal role in shaping the soul of our gatherings.

Guidelines for Camp Setup and Management

Setting up your Interactive Camp in the Everywhen is an adventure in creativity and community-building. To ensure a harmonious and impactful presence, we offer these guidelines:

  1. Location and Layout: Interactive Camps should choose their neighborhood based on their theme and the type of experience they wish to offer. Consider the atmosphere and activities that define your camp and select a neighborhood that aligns with these elements. Every neighborhood has differing quiet hours.

  2. Community Engagement: Design your camp to encourage interaction and participation. Whether through workshops, performances, or communal meals, create opportunities for attendees to connect and contribute. All public areas of interactive camps must be non-exclusive and accessible to all attendees, with exceptions only where age restrictions apply or where an attendee has been prohibited from visiting the camp by the Everywhen Project or law enforcement​​.

  3. Infrastructure: Consider the overall experience of your camp's public and private spaces, with a plan for the day and at night. From shelters to communal spaces, design with functionality, reusability and environmental consciousness in mind. Camp structures need to be anchored vertically into the ground using ratchet straps or ropes to withstand high winds, and their design should be wind-resistant. 

  4. Safety and Accessibility: Prioritize the safety and accessibility of your camp. This includes clear pathways, secure structures, and consideration for attendees with different mobility needs.

  5. Fire Use and Safety: All use of fire must adhere to strict safety criteria as outlined in our Fire Regulations. This includes safe storage of fuel, maintaining a minimum distance from ignition sources, and ensuring fire extinguishers are readily accessible.

  6. Environmental Responsibility: Leave No Trace. Plan for waste management, minimize environmental impact, and encourage eco-friendly practices within your camp. Post-event, the camping space must be restored to its original condition, including the removal of all anchors, structures, and flattening of the ground surface​​. All trash must be hauled away by the camp.

Ethos Alignment

Your camp is a reflection of the Everywhen Ethos. Here's how to align your camp with our core values:

  • Build Community: Foster a space for meaningful connections and collaboration. Encourage sharing of skills, stories, and experiences.

  • Nourish the Spirit: Offer activities that promote wellness, reflection, and personal growth. Create a haven for spiritual and emotional enrichment.

  • Tell Tall Tales: Encourage creativity and expression in your camp's theme and activities. Let your space be a canvas for imaginative and artistic endeavors.

  • Leave No Trace: Implement sustainable practices. Plan for waste reduction, proper disposal, and minimal environmental impact.

  • Do No Harm: Create a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment. Be mindful of the wellbeing of your camp members and the broader community.

Join the Journey

Are you ready to lead an interactive camp in the Everywhen? Click below to register your intent and begin the journey of bringing your vision to life.

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