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The Water Temple was the second Elemental temple built by the Everywhen Build Crew, featuring the up-cycling of the 2018 Bamboo Temple with many new decorative elements.


Five new light towers were produced, with four sitting next to the Bamboo Temple and one placed at the top of a hill. From the Temple site, the remote Tower 5 was visible as a skyward beacon of light at night.


Two hand painted Amphoras, filled with water, flanked the Temple, and a bench was placed in front. Many strings of prayer flags surrounded the temple, flapping gently in the wind.

Within the UnSCruz When, What, Where guide, the Water Temple is described as "a celebration of the element that brings us life, healing and tranquility."

Water Temple was produced with a crew of 7 in a 40-day build.

Photo Gallery


The Water Temple was a four day installation at the 2019 Bizarre Bazaar UnSCruz Burning Man regional. These are photographs from the Water Temple installation at the Warm Up Arena area, art installation #91, and includes photographs from build and pre-build. 


One of the light towers were later installed at MPYRE, a nearby Monterey Burners regional that took place a few weeks later.


The Monterey Burners’ afterburn report had this to say: 


"The unSCruz Water Temple crew brought one section of their piece, originally installed at May’s unSCruz: Bizarre Bazaar at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds—very striking to have near water!” 


The final installation for the Water Temple in 2019 was as a facade for the Chapel of Chimes Art Support Camp.

Photo Gallery

2019 temple crew

Mathew Gilbuena
Shannon Pistole
Dustin Maretz
Lake Wong
Lynne Fisk
Buck Bandersnatch
Water Temple 2019 Crew

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