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Artist Spotlight: Steve Deol (Coywolf) and the IKP
by Mathew Gilbuena

Published on April 5, 2023

Coywolf and friend at Constellation City 2022

Unleashing Creativity and Playfulness at Constellation City: Steve Deol's Journey

Last year at Constellation City, an artist by the name of Steve Deol, also known as Coywolf, made quite an impression on the community. Based in San Francisco, California, Steve is an engineer turned artist and a passionate motorcycle rider. His unique perspective and sense of humor brought a new level of fun and playfulness to the event, inspiring others to bring out their own art and fully embrace the creative spirit of Constellation City.

In an interview about his experience at Constellation City 2022, Steve shared how the combination of art, adventure, and community drew him to the event. He explained, "Everywhen, you guys were out there and since there was a crowd, I was like hey maybe I'll troll them a little bit but I'll bring them burgers."

During the event, Steve created a unique art installation called the "Insane Karen Posse" (IKP), which playfully challenged the imposition of Burning Man rules on BLM land. The installation featured an "Incident Reporting Station" where participants could leave their own humorous complaints. Steve described some of the notes left at the station:

"Don't eat mushrooms with aliens. There's a little alien picture on there."
"I would like to complain about the dust. Who was supposed to clean that before we got here? Regards, Karen."

Steve's approach to art at Constellation City perfectly embodies the ethos of Tell Tall Tales, which encourages participants to embrace their inner storyteller and share their unique perspectives with the community. He also appreciates the focus on sustainability and the Leave No Trace principle, stating, "You know, [the Everywhen Project] also creates a culture of actually really protecting and caring for the land and, you know, like not leaving anything behind."

Despite the uncertainty of his attendance at the upcoming Constellation City event, Steve continues to work on ambitious art projects, including a giant sticky hand made from a thousand smaller sticky hands. He said, "I think one other [project] that I really want to put out there was to make a really large sticky hand, so he [my son] had me buy a thousand sticky hands to turn into one giant sticky hand."

Steve Deol's experience at Constellation City serves as an inspiration to artists and adventurers alike. His creativity, sense of humor, and connection with the community encourage others to bring their own art and unique perspectives to the event. Do you need something terrible designed? Need someone skilled at industrial engineering? He can be reached at or on Instagram.

Come join us at Constellation City from June 29 through July 5, 2023, in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, and become part of this vibrant, welcoming, and creative community. We can't wait to see you there.

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