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An Outfit for the Edge of the World
by Mathew Gilbuena

Published on February 14, 2023

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Our next event is Constellation City and the Valley of Spirits on June 29 through July 5, 2023 at the Black Rock Desert. Grab your tickets here. Are you feeling generous and want to help our mission? Please donate here. Want to bring art or your camp? Register your project here. Interested in volunteering with the production team? Apply to volunteer.

The Desolate Expanse

Remember those early days of youth when the world seemed to end at your front door? Each day was filled with endless discoveries, with fantastical horizons waiting to be explored. The world was full of mysteries, and every new truth felt like an unveiling.

But as we grew older, the world became more familiar. Comfort and expectations took hold, and reality became frozen. The mysteries lost their allure, and the world seemed to have lost some of its magic.

But what if there were places where the world could become strange and unfamiliar again? Places where our sense of self and our relationship to the world would be challenged and redefined?

These places are rare and precious. They have the power to humble and inspire us, to make us feel the profound scale of the universe and the wonder of existence. They are majestic and humbling; enduce shivers on the spine, dizzying hyperawareness and vertigo. Places like Earth's orbit, where astronauts have reported the Overview Effect - a profound experience of seeing the wholeness of the world. And places like the Black Rock Desert and the Mojave, where realities collapse and we can explore the Everywhen, a space where any or all times, or every instant, exists.

In these liminal realms, the world becomes enchanted once again, and we can rediscover the mysteries and wonders that first captivated us in our youth.

Everywhen co-founders Aftermath and Bureaucracy, Black Rock Desert, July 2021.

The Search for Something Extraordinary

It's really, really, really hard to find a place that is perfectly not ordinary.

The Everywhen story began in the Black Rock Desert, with camps across the playa finding one another. A May camping trip here, a chilly October trip there, bonds were made, foundations laid, and a tribe outside of Burning Man was born.

The camp didn't have a name. We were a small group of Temple artists building a playa and regional project called the Temple of Everywhen. It was to be reusable and its materials upcycled toward future projects.

Temple of Everywhen
Our intended 2020 Temple of Everywhen for Burning Man: Multiverse

Due to the cancellation of the big burn, we decided to bring the finished parts of the Temple to the playa during Juplaya (June-July Playa = Juplaya). A few camps were invited, and as they arrived, a small village was formed. As time went on and more camps joined, the village grew larger. To read more about this story, click here.

First night after build. The village would begin filling in the next day. June 2020.

A month passes.

The absence of Burning Man was definitely felt. The community was divided on whether it was okay to visit the playa during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some, like Halcyon, strongly encouraged staying away for safety reasons. On the other hand, playa pal Angelo was all for utilizing public lands for camping and gathering. The discussion sparked a lively debate!

We decided to go back.

As was done for Juplaya, the camps worked together to build a village. Prior to arriving, the camp mayor informed the authorities of our GPS coordinates, and after an on-site meeting, we set camp. Our homesteads were spaced 200' apart, and we planned for having room for growth. Thousands showed up.

Building Everywhen Village, or what others affectionately call "The Shitty." August 2020.

After these experiences, we found ourselves at a place perfectly extraordinary. The Everywhen Project was born. Our mission? Cultivate and sustain vibrant communities in surreal environments through providing educational resources on local survival, sustainable practices, leaving-no-trace, and growing Constellation City. We have since gathered in 2021 at the Electric Universe in Mojave, and in 2022's Allegory of the Cave at Black Rock. Our team has grown and changed a lot as we've become laser-focused on our mission to support the community.

The Insane Karen Posse, a complaint booth for people who had something to say. July 2022.

The Authentic Traveler

Surround yourself with good friends, and a story will follow; put on your best robe and wizard hat! The journey continues at our next show: the Valley of Spirits.

Traveler, we must warn you: Constellation City is found within profound desolation with otherworldly views in a raw, elemental landscape. This is a place where our sense of self and our relationship to the world will be challenged and redefined. Places like these are rare and precious, and they have the power to humble and inspire us. A place that exists at the edge of reality, where the world becomes enchanted once again, and we can rediscover the mysteries and wonders that first captivated us in our youth.

On the streets of Constellation City, you'll encounter a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and experiences. It is a call to step out of our comfort zones and embrace the unknown, to wear fantastical outfits and explore the wonders of the universe. It is a chance to be a part of a community that values sustainability and reuse, and to experience the thrill of hopping onto art cars that breathe fire, the serenity of deep meditation at the temple, and the excitement of a breathtaking fireworks show. And when the night falls, the city will come alive with the glow of neon lights and the sounds of music and laughter.

And as you prepare for this journey, don't forget to bring your imagination and your sense of wonder. We will be building a temporary city that shines bright with the stars of creativity and camaraderie. Our ethos of "Make Family, Bring Art, Tell Tall Tales, Leave No Trace, and Do No Harm" will guide us as we create a space where everyone feels welcomed, accepted, and valued. This is a place where anything is possible, and where personal growth and self-discovery are just around the corner. So pack your fantastical outfit and be ready for an unforgettable experience at the edge of the world.

June 29 - July 5, 2023

Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Take 12 mile entrance, and drive North 4 miles

Tickets are $125/person, and $185/person with daily meal. Tickets for the Constellation City 2023 event pay for the various costs associated with organizing and creating a temporary city in the Black Rock Desert. These costs include art installations, infrastructure, supplies, and other necessary resources. However, it is important to note that the event is run by volunteers and does not have professional security or medical personnel on site. Attendees are expected to take responsibility for their own safety and well-being and to help create a safe and supportive community for everyone. Get your tickets here.

We invite artists of all backgrounds to come and install their art in the Art Park. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a backyard artist, we welcome you to bring your creativity and contribute to the magic of the event. Our goal is to create a space that inspires and celebrates artistic expression, and we believe that everyone has a role to play in that.

Please note that all art installations must be built within three days and disassembled within three days. No art is allowed to be burned, and it must be reinforced to withstand wind gusts upward of 70 mph. Register your art project here.

The Everywhen Project is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about creating a community that fosters creativity and self-expression. Our events are designed to be a space where people can come together to explore ideas and rediscover the magic of the world. We are able to produce these events through the generosity of those who believe in our mission and choose to support us.

We rely on the generosity of our attendees, artists, and supporters to keep our non-profit running year after year. Every donation, no matter the size, helps us to continue creating experiences that inspire, humble, and transform. Your support enables us to build an environment where artists of all levels can showcase their work, and where attendees can discover new perspectives and connect with like-minded individuals.

If you feel generous and would like to contribute to our mission, we would be grateful for your support. Every donation helps us to continue creating a world where the magic of the unknown is celebrated and experienced. Thank you for your consideration and for being a part of the Everywhen community!


Unity Temple, Black Rock Desert, July 2022

Event Permit
Event Permit

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