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Creating an Everywhen Homestead
by Djinni (Jenni Taylor)

Published on May 17, 2022

The Everywhen definition of a Homestead:

A special interactive camp that provides a special service and/or some sort of special entertainment at the event

So you’re thinking about bringing a Homestead to Everywhen..

Awesome! And Woohoo!!

So exciting!

This is an amazing way to participate and get a lot of enjoyment out of your Everywhen Experience!

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your Homestead:

First things first:

Think of an idea of what you’d like to bring out to the event

Use your imagination!

Be weird!

Be fun!

You can bring absolutely ANYTHING to this event

But always keep in mind the Everywhen Ethos of:

Do No Harm!

Do No Harm is very important

Any camp that is exclusive or harmful in any way will be denied

Be inclusive!

Remember, everyone attending the event will be welcome to come to your Homestead

Step 2:

Invite your friends to your Homestead

Tell them your Homestead idea and send out the invitations

This step must be done before registering your Homestead on the Everywhen website because you need to know how many people will be part of your Homestead so that you can tell the Everywhen how much space you’ll need to be sure you all can camp comfortably, including RVs and space for the special entertainment area

Assign people for certain necessary camp positions like ‘’camp leads’ and ‘safety leads’

So tally up how many people will be calling your Homestead ‘Home’

Step 3:

Registering your Homestead

The next step is to Register your Homestead on the Everywhen website

This is a very easy process!

Simply click on the link ‘Register a Homestead’

What kind of Homestead Camp are you

bringing to Everywhen?

A sound camp?

A Lounge camp?

An entertainment camp?

The website will ask you questions and walk you through the process and it only takes a few minutes

Pro tip:

Have a simple depiction drawing of what your Homestead will look like and figure out the square footage ahead of time

4th step:

Preparing for the event

Gather all the materials you will need to make your Homestead a reality

This includes: seating, sunshade, decorations, games, alcohol or whatever your camp is bringing to the event

Some Homesteads may decide to have a ‘Camp Fee’ where all the members pay a monitory amount to a trustee to ‘pitch in’ if everyone is sharing supplies

Other camps might not need to do this if everyone is bringing their own supplies

This is to be decided among your campmates

And lastly:

Bring your Homestead to the event

It’s best to come out a day or two early to set everything up

Then enjoy the smiles your Homestead brings to everyone’s faces and hearts!

Remember to set aside some time each day to gather ‘round the campfire with your campmates and Tell Tall Tales!!

These are going to be some of the best memories you’ll have from the event

The ones you carry in your heart and when you think of these moments later..

You’ll smile

Enjoy your Homestead and see you soon!

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